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Teaching and Research Professionals


Founded in June 2015, Center for Higher Education Research (CHER) is a teaching and research institute attached to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). CHER seeks candidates for Teaching and Research position in higher education with a particular focus on the Graduates Development, Higher Education Assessment, Higher Education in Engineering and School-based Research. We are open to international candidates.



1. A Doctorate degree in relevant Higher Education;

2. Working or study experience at a world-class university;

3. Experience in studying China’s higher education reform and development;

4. Be skilled in applying scientific research methods, such as quantitative analysis, qualitative research;

5. Excellent knowledge of English in general courses teaching and academic writing.


Successful candidates must abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese laws and regulations, agree with the school-running philosophy of SUSTech, and have no poor record on academic ethics and moral qualities.


Candidates can apply for Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor accordingly. Candidates with a doctorate degree less than five years and insufficient academic achievements can apply for the postdoctoral position.  


CHER offers a competitive package of salaries and housing benefits which are set by the SUSTech. Candidate meets the requirements of introducing high-level personnel in Shenzhe can also apply for the compensation offered by Shenzhen Municipal Government. Children of successful candidates are welcome to SUSTech Kindergarten and SUSTech experimental schools.


Qualified applicants should submit a CV and at most 5 academic papers via cher@sustech.edu.cn, with the email subject of “name+position”. We will keep your information private.


The ideal start day is today.


CHER welcomes applications from all who would bring vitality and variety to higher education research.