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Pengfei Pan obtained his PhD from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.  He received his master's degree in education from Beijing Normal University in 2017. In the same year, he started the PhD study with the support from China Scholarship Council. During the past years, he has participated in a number of research projects funded by various funding bodies. He has published a number of academic achievements in both Chinese and English like Journal of Higher Education (高等教育研究) and Comparative Education Review(比较教育研究). His research interests mainly focus on transnational education and internationalization of higher education.

1. Pengfei Pan, Michael Mu & Karen Dooley (2022).  Partnering for transnational higher education: A multiple correspondence analysis of university habitus and institutional action for ‘China-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools’. IN M. Mu  & K. Dooley(eds.) Bourdieu and Higher Education Across China and the West: Structures, Strategies and Practices. Routledge.

2. 潘鹏飞. 澳大利亚国际教育产业扩张:缘起、困境与反思[J]. 高等教育研究, 2021, 42(1):103-109.(Pengfei Pan.(2021). Australia’s international education industry expansion: origin, dilemma and reflection,Journal of Higher Education,42(01):103-109.)

3. 刘强, 潘鹏飞, 王玉清. 变革中的大学学科排名——QS世界大学学科排名最新进展与反思[J]. 比较教育研究, 2015, 37(12):35-41.(Qiang Liu, Pengfei Pan,Yuqing Wang.(2015). University ranking by subject in the revolution——latest trend and reflection of QS world university rankings by subject,International and Comparative Education,37(12):35-41.)

4. 潘鹏飞. 澳大利亚留学生教育政策. [A].见:王英杰,刘宝存等. 国际视野下的留学生教育政策研究[C]. 北京: 人民出版社, 2020: 226-275.