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2013.09-2017.07    ZHENGZHOU UNIVERSITY   Bachelor

2019.09-2022.06    HENAN UNIVERSITY             Master

Work Experience

  • 2016.10-2017.02  ZHENZHOU YIHE ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL  Football Teacher

Engaged in after-school football interest classes for 6-10 year olds in primary schools, as well as teaching and teaching plan design of physical education classes, and maintained good interaction with students, parents, and teachers during the work period.

  • 2017.03-2018.03  BEIDAXUEYUAN EDUCATION Co., Ltd         Football Teacher

Engaged in a series of work such as enlightenment, teaching, teaching plan design, etc. of 2-5 year old kindergarten children's football lessons, and used classroom teaching and after-school training to stimulate and stimulate some children's players' initial contact and strong interest in football.

  • 2020.09-2021.01  HENAN UNIVERSITY                                          P.E. Teacher

Engaged in the teaching of elective courses (football) for the 20-22 year old college students majoring in physical education in the third grade, mainly responsible for teaching plan design and classroom teaching, and the teaching content mainly includes kicking, heading, ball control, and explanation and exercise of tactical rules. It has maintained good teacher-student relationship with students, reflected a cheerful classroom atmosphere and good attendance rate in the classroom, and students have achieved excellent results on average in their final exams.

Academic Achievements

Published 1 paper in the "Journal of Physical Education Adult Education"; Published 1 paper in "Journal of Physical Education Teaching"; Published 2 papers in "Journal of Sports World";One final paper in the CSSCI Journal "Course Teaching Materials and Methods";Two Reports in“The 12th National Sports Science Conference”; One Post in 2020 Olympic Science Conference; Two Reports in the "SHANXI Sports Science Paper Conference";Published 3 papers in other domestic sports first and second level academic conferences;Participated in one key project of the National Social Science Fund, two general projects of the National Social Science Fund, and one project of compiling textbooks for national universities; Presided over 2 social science projects at the level of department and bureau;