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Kexin Yu is a visiting research students for Higher Education Research,Southern of University of Science and Technology. She is currently studying at University of Oxford, UK. She obtained her master's degree from Oxford University,and Bachelor degree from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Kexin Yu served as Member of organizing committee of “students Ongoing Research in Education Studies”(STORIES) and the initiator of “Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusiveness”(JEDI). Her research interests mainly focus on International research collaboration and research policy.


Publications and Conferences

  1. Yu K., (2022). Patterns and Dynamics in the International Research Collaborations: A Case of China-UK Collaboration Ties in Education Studies. CGHE Working Paper Series No. 84. 

  2. Yu K., (2022). International research collaboration in social science researchers based in China: patterns and experiences. Presented in the Students’ Ongoing Research in Education Studies annual conference, University of Oxford.

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  4. Yu K., (2022). Patterns and dynamics in the international research collaborations: A case of China-UK collaboration ties in education studies. Presented in the Center of Global Higher Education (CGHE) webinar, University of Oxford.

  5. Yu K., (2022). Conducting higher education research under the pandemic. Department of Education, University of Oxford.

  6. Yu K., (2021). Academic dependency and epistemic diversity in higher education research. Presented in the Students Ongoing Research in Education Studies annual conference, University of Oxford.