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CV of Wang Xuechun

Wang Xuechun has served as a visiting student in the Center for Higher Education Research of Southern University of Science and Technology since 2023. She is currently studying in the  Department of Educational Administration and Policy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She graduated from the School of Educational Science of Nanjing Normal University with a master's degree and the School of Foreign Languages of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a bachelor's degree. Her research focuses on Internationalization of Higher Education, Knowledge Mapping, Meta-analysis, Educational Economy and Administration, Mixed Research, etc.

Publication List

1. Wang, X. C., Yao, J. J. & Zhou, S. K. (2022). How housework shapes the personality of primary and junior high school students——empirical analysis based on large-scale survey data in the province. Educational Science Research. 11:48-56.

2. Wang, X. C., Yao, J. J. & Zhou, S. K. (2022). Does housework help improve academic performance? An empirical analysis on the influence of participation in housework on academic performance of primary and junior high school students. Best Evidence in Chinese Education. 10(1): 1283-1301.

3. Li, J. Z. & Wang, X. C. (2023). A Study on the influence of intergenerational educational expectations and their differences on the academic performance of urban junior middle school students. Educational Science Research. (under review)

4. Yao, J. J., Liu, Y. L., Li, J. M., Ying, R, H. & Wang, X. C. (2022). Whether STEM education in primary and secondary schools helps to improve students’ higher order thinking——Based on Quasi-experimental design for coarsen exact matching. Studies in Educational Evaluation (under review)