Professional Status Competition And Educational Quality Improvement: The rise and evolution of general education in American Elite Engineering Education


General education and professional education are the most fundamental and central set of relationships in modern higher education. This lecture will analyze the historical changes of general education in elite engineering education in the United States based on the important documents issued by the American Society for Engineering Education, the curriculum handbook of MIT from 1865 to 2020, the Education Development Program of UCLA School of Engineering, and the curriculum plan of Olin College of Engineering. It will also examine how general education has evolved to serve the cultivation of American engineering talents under the discourse of professional status competition and educational quality improvement.


LIN Yaqiong is an associate professor of School of Education, Huazhong University of Science and Techonology, a researcher of the Engineering Education Research Center of HUST, and a researcher of the New Engineering Education Research Base in the Yangtze River Economic Belt region of the Ministry of Education.She held a B.A. in History, Ph.D.in Higher Education in Peking University, and got the jointly PhD in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. She’s academic interests in recent years have focused on qualitative research methodology, graduate learning and development, and Engineering Higher Education. In the past decade, she has been focusing on the curriculum teaching and promotion of qualitative research methods, and has accumulated experience in zero-based introductory teaching.