Understanding University Internationalisation in New Terms and Conditions

Topic:Understanding University Internationalisation in New Terms and Conditions

Speaker:Prof. Yuan GAO

Host: Prof. Hong SHEN

Time:15:30- 17:30,September 16,2022

Venue:School of Humanities and Social Sciences,B101

Language: English

Tencent Meeting: 783 333 099


In the past several decades, internationalisation, which is featured by people and ideas’ unparalleled transnational mobility, has become a key discourse in higher education. Despite the spectacular outcomes that higher education internationalisation has achieved, scholars have detected weaknesses and vulnerabilities in its current policy and practice, which the COVID-19 pandemic have intensified. This presentation provides a critical reflection on the field’s evolution and the prospects for its future, highlighting the urgent demand for concept and practice's innovation on university internationalisation at the regional, national, and institutional levels in response to the changing global field in the post-pandemic era.


Gao Yuan is an associate researcher / assistant professor of Teaching and Research of the Higher Education Research Center of Southern University of Science and Technology. Her research fields are the internationalization of higher education, cross-cultural education and higher education theory. She received her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2016, under Professor Simon Marginson, a master's degree from the University of Bristol School of Education (Educational Management and Leadership), and Peking University with a double bachelor's degree in literature and Economics. Before joining SUSTech, she was a researcher at the School of Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia, the Centre for International Studies at the University of Victoria, and the Centre for Educational Equity and diversity at La Trobe University.