How to Promote the Development of Higher Education -- From the Perspective of Local Legislation


Based on his experience in the legislation of The Academic Degree Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft), The Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on The Promotion of Higher Education and The Regulations on the Evaluation of Higher Education (Draft), Professor Li Xueyao will focus on the specific aspects such as the permission and standard of setting up higher education institutions, the governance structure, the investment and use of funds, the staffing, the majors, the proportion of professional titles, and the evaluation of disciplines. This report will adopt the methods of sociology of law, sociology of education and education policy, so as to make a rational report on the legislation and policy making of local higher education.


Dr. Li Xueyao is a Law Professor, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is the Head of Law Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Law and Cognitive Science Center, Executive Director of the SJTU Education Legislation and Consulting Service Base, Vice President of  Jurisprudence Research Committee of Shanghai Law society, National Ten Thousand Plan (Youth Talent), "New Century Excellent Talent" of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Shuguang Scholar. He was former Dean and Chair Professor of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He visited Cambridge University (2009) ,Yale Law School (2010-2011) ,New York University (2014) and Harvard Law School (2018-2019). He also has got an experience as visiting staff in Supreme People’s Court (2008). His current research fields include Cognitive Science and Law, Legal Profession, Judicial Reform, Law, Technology & Innovation, Educational law, Emergency law.