An Explanative Review on the latest Policies about Graduate Education for the Cultivation of High-level Talents


Based on the background of intensive policy introduction, the report interprets the latest policies of graduate education from two parts: macro policy-tutor policy. Combined with the research results of the Study and Development of Master Student, as well as the requirements for graduate tutors in the new era, the report makes in-depth exploration of the role of tutors, and explains how to effectively improve the quality of graduate training.


Peng Pai is an associate professor, doctoral supervisor, and the deputy director of the Institute for Academic Degree and Graduate Education at the School of Education, Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST). He got a doctoral degree of education from University of Frankfurt, Germany in 2013. Prof.PENG was selected as the Chu Tian Scholar in Hubei province and the “Outstanding Young Scholar” in HUST. His research interests include graduate education, development of graduate student, Evaluation theory and practice in higher education, comparative education, etc.