Education Bureau of Shenzhen Deputy Director speaks on Shenzhen's higher education vision

On August 22, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and the Center for Higher Education Research (CHER) welcomed the Deputy Director Jianling XU of Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality to campus.


He was invited to speak about "Mission and Vision: How Shenzhen Higher Education Demonstrates Pioneer." CHER Director Hong SHEN presided over the lecture.


Based on his 18 years of higher education practice with the Shenzhen Education Bureau, Deputy Director Jianling XU provided a general introduction to higher education development in Shenzhen. He emphasied the mission and opportunities of higher education in Shenzhen. He also spoke about the integration of world-class universities to Shenzhen to improve aspects of higher education across the city.


Deputy Director Jianling XU analyzed the unique advantages that higher education has in Shenzhen. He also hoped that more of the SUSTech community could play a more significant role in developing higher education in Shenzhen as they moved forward in their careers.


Following his presentation, Deputy Director Jianling XU addressed many questions on topics such as Shenzhen's higher education development plans, the application of STEM subjects into the broader educational curricula, and the variety of governance models.